Robert Hofherr Paintings
Inspired by artists as diverse as the Fauvists Dufy, Derain and de Vlaminck, Paul Klee, Kandinsky's Blue Rider group, the German Expressionists, Picasso, Matisse, American artists Grace Hartigan and Jason Berger, and English painters Ivon Hitchens and Keith Vaughan, my works attempt to re-imagine the everyday world in a new form with color, energetic paint application and the elimination of unnecessary detail. I attempt to take everything successful in a painting and have it available for use in any subsequent work. My latest works make use of underpaintings consisting of abstract splashes of often bold colors. The elements of the painting are then explored in a manner that allows much of the underpainting to remain visible and be part of the composition. This creates visual tension and adds interest. My goal is to do works that do not give up their secrets on the initial encounter, but continue to interest viewers and surprise them over time.