As yet unpublished, Baltimore Dogs: Adventure of the Black Cat concerns a group of lively dogs living comfortably in Baltimore, Maryland who encounter a stranger: a black cat who seems to be following them. Their daily routine is turned upside down and adventure ensues before day’s end brings a new understanding of difference and acceptance. This early reader with a great friendship hook, sparkling text and colorful, kid-engaging artwork with a strong sense of place will surely delight young readers as well as encouraging the development of their vocabulary. The possibility of a series of titles featuring these lovable characters will be apparent.
The illustrations are based on the expressionist style of painting. Expressionism is an artistic style in which the artist seeks to depict not objective reality but rather  subjective emotions and responses within the artist. The artist accomplishes this aim through distortion of perspective, exaggerated or simplified rendering style, and the use of bold or non-naturalistic colors. My intent was for the artwork in this book to connect with children on a deeper level by offering them images which were clearly done by a human being and are therefore not perfect. Art that shows brush strokes and paint spatters, and is engaging, lively, fun and exciting. More than this, art which is honest, which is the common factor connecting images made by children themselves. My hope is that after viewing such illustrations while reading the book, children will be interested in taking up materials and implements and creating their own artwork, thus opening another door into their creativity and broadening their perspective on the larger world and their place in it.
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